White Belt to Black Belt Program

Course Description

Become a Black Belt in Vee Arnis Ju Jitsu. We are offering you the opportunity of a life time. Enroll in the best system of Street Self-Defense ever put together by Professor  DAVE JAMES 


 VeeAJ wants you to know that if you can’t come to us we can come to you. That’s why we’re offering the White Belt to Black Belt Program online. Learn in the comfort of your home, and at your own pace. There are 6 courses. All courses are six months long at $100.00 a month. Course one has 96 videos over a span of six months. It is the most informative and powerful level one course online.  Review the videos as much as you like, until you feel comfortable. You go to the next course every 6 months, from White Belt to Black Belt. After your evaluation you  move on to the next course. Each course advances you to the next level upon completion. No jumping ahead follow the list.

There Are 6 Courses

 Visit our VeeAJ catalog you won’t be disappointed.

The White Belt to White with Black Stripe Course has 96 videos. You will receive 4 videos a week over the next six months

The Street Self Defense University reserves the right to change, add, and update videos at our discretion. we also reserve the right to suspend, and modify memberships.© 2021 thestreetselfdefenseuniversity.com 

Shihan Kenny, Prof. Dave, Prof. Howard